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So you shimmy, and yes you might burn a few extra calories.  But is it really exercise?

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About The Dance:

Tribal ConFusion

What exactly is Tribal Belly Dance?

HipMix.net, tribal, belly dance, belly dance art formsIs this a question you've heard before or perhaps thought of yourself?  Check out this article from HipMix.net readers about the basics of Tribal Belly Dance and what is means to them...

...tribal belly dance is a dance form created in America, but influenced by Middle Eastern dance. The form continues to grow and change and many variations of the style exist. The dance is performed in groups as well as by solo artists.

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Belly Dancers are some of the most amazing men and women... often overcoming overwhelming obstacles in their dance journey.  Their stories are a souce of inspiration and motivation to all of us...

Confessions of a Belly Dancer: 

I'm Legally Blind


The statement 'feeling the dance' means something different to everyone. For some, it means responding to music, to others, expressing a concealed emotion.


For Jillian Ricks, the phrase takes on a more literal explanation. Jillian is legally blind, and for her, 'feeling the dance' is what she must do in order to pursue the art of belly dance. 


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