All of us here at have distinct personalities, different backgrounds and varying duties. But no matter how different we may be, we are one team. We are committed to today's belly dance community. Through education and awareness, we work hard every day to help facilitate new growth:

  • In new business for our members
  • In awareness of today's true belly dance lifestyle
  • In new potential students for our members
  • In belly dancers in our community with engaging articles, timely and important news, and tools for personal and professional growth.

With over 30 years combined experience in marketing, public relations and the media, the Team is working hard for you. Thank you for being here and if you need assistance, contact us!

DilaraDilara Sultan

She's quick-witted and full of ambition - especially when it comes to her passions: belly dance and Without Dilara's motivation and leadership, her vision for would not be what it is today! 

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          Jennifer is our very witty and talkative Office Manager. Without Jenn's skills and perserverance, this office would fall apart. We all rely on her for administrative reasons, motherly advice, and even food for when we leave our lunches at home!
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ChristinaChristina - Marketing Assistan

If you are looking for a sarcastic joke or encouraging words, look no further than our Marketing Assistant, Christina. She's quirky, trendy, and wonderful at what she does. Christina frequently blogs her ideas, thoughts, and humorous rants. Get to know Christina better and find a link to her blog in her profile.

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Membership Coordinator, HipMix.netKaitlyn

Kaitlyn listens more than she talks, but is the giggliest out of us all. More importantly, she cares about the members on and her primary goal is to take care of them as Memberships Coordinator. View Kaitlyn's profile to learn more about her.