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HipMix.net is your most effective outlet to GROW your business

The HipMix.net Special Publications Division devlops some of the most effective newsletters and subscriber information for belly dance world wide.  

With more than 30,000 loyal subscribers to the brand, HipMix.net is the right choice for businesses advertising.


If you are a Brand or a Company that does not offer direct on-line sales, HipMix.net has marketing opportunities that will boost your visibility. Advertising opportunities exist in the following publications:


Hip Living, The Belly Dance Lifestyle Newsletter (monthly publication)


Belly Dance News Weekly (weekly, quick-read of top headlines and leads to top news of interest)


We are happy to share with you the opportunities for you and your business in these publications, as well as our rate cards.  Please fill in the fields below, and you'll get all the information.

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