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Where Do I Look When a Belly Dancer Performs?

Q I'm not a belly dancer, and in fact, had never seen a belly dance until this past weekend. I really enjoyed the show, but I have to admit... I was unsure about where to put my eyes! I know it's an artform, but I don't want to make a belly dancer feel uncomfortable. I'd like to go back... help!

A It's common for newbies to belly dance to feel intimidated. We're taught bare stomach = harlot! Gasp! Witch! Burn her! Throw her into the river! Both!

But from the eyes of babes we have our answer.

This cute little 6-month-old has the expression everyone should have when first meeting a belly dancer: utter shock and amazement.



So the answer to your question is... look wherever is most interesting! A dancer is graceful, and while she has a fantastic smile, you don't have to spend the whole dance number looking into her eyes.


On another note... if you do feel the urge to join her.... only if she invites you, and respect her space.... here's a delightful dancer, an adoring audience admirer and her very professional way of handling his encroaching dance.



The only BIG rule? Don't be creepy.

And really, that's a lesson you should always carry with you.