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Over the years, Dilara Sultan has become a girlfriend to many in the belly dance community, so much so that people all over the world have contacted her for advice.


Ask Dilara, Dilara Sultan, belly dance advice, how to belly dance,“I am not the miss-know-it-all nor am I a fortune teller, but what I am is someone that can get to the answer,” Dilara explains.


“The people I have met and the experiences I have had in my travels and in my career I am happy to share,"  Dilara added.  “If someone has a Q... my team and I will search our resources and share what we learn.”

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Where Do I Look When a Belly Dancer Performs?

Being an audience member at a belly dance performance does not need to be more stressful than being the belly dancer on stage. In this "Ask Dilara" piece, we look to the eyes of babes to answer the question of how to watch a belly dance show.

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Let Me Entertain You... A Year Of Belly Dance Social Events (The Belly Dance Brunch) Ask Dilara Advice

Getting a jump on a year of socials and belly dance marketing, a dancer looks to Dilara for advice for a year full of parties... combining the belly dancers and others in her life.  Today’s answer includes the Belly Dance Brunch!

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Belly Dance Basic Arm Positioning - Updated!

When I think about my issues with arm positions I tell my self: Dilara Don’t Look Like A Spaz. I had this problem the first five or so years when I started belly dancing, but here is some advice on how to correct it.

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First Belly Dance Class: Where To Begin?

 I don't even know where to start! How prepared do I need to be for my first belly dance class? What do I wear? What if I've never done any kind of dancing before? I just need some tips-and a confidence booster!

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How To Cover A Ugly Navel

The Question: I  have grown up my whole life not liking the way my navel looks. Any tips/advice on how to cover or hide your ugly navel? Read what Dilara and other belly dancers have to say.

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No Cravings and More Energy? Dilara Tells Belly Dancers Her Advice

Can one pill make you forget to eat, and have the energy to make it through the toughest 2-hour workshop? See what Dilara thinks as she breaks down the green tea trend for a belly dancer in her 40's looking for a little boost.

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Belly Dance Zills - How Do I keep Them On?

A beginner bellydancer is looking for advice about zills.  What's your advice on keeping zills from falling off?  See Dilara's answer & a nifty video from Preferred Profile Member, Belynda Azhaar!

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Looking for advice for older dancers...

Our friend, Michelle is looking for your thoughts. How old is too old to become a bellydancer? When did you begin? What words of wisdom do you have to offer to a mid-40's beginner?

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