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The Best Belly Dance Blogs From Around The World Can Be Found On

A-List Blogs from Around The World



Dilara's Diary:

Dilara Sultan, Belly Dancer, Blogger,, Hip MIx Belly Dance


What Will Dilara Say Next? 





najla, belly dance, new york ,


New York performer Najla blogs about dance, music, costumes, and performing.










belly dance, belly dancers,, bloggers, alist blogs

raks a'diva, belly dance, troupe, moraga, california,

Follow the lives & shows from members of this Award-Winning California belly dance troupe, Raks A'Diva




belly dance, princess farhana,


Belly Dance's only Princess, Princess Farhana's Blog is sure to entertain.



christina jones, beaumont, austin,, belly dance, blogger


Ever wonder what it's like behind the scenes at

Read our HipChristina's Blog


Aiza Abni Habban

"Bellydance with Aiza":

Award-winning Malaysian belly dancer Aiza loves antiques, diving and laughing. Follow her workshops, performances and more at her blog.


Alexandra Graham

"The Bellydance Blog":

Belly dance performer, costume designer and photographer all rolled into one, Alexandra shares her insights on the belly dance scene in South Africa.



"Ask Ananke":

A recent transplant from Maryland, New Hampshire belly dancer Ananke uses her blog stay connected to students both near and far, old and new.



"Dancing Through Life":

A Virginian belly dancer blogs about getting a new hip at age 55. Have a hip surgery story or scheduled to get a hip replacement? Share your story with Anthea!



"Tribal Odyssey - a bellydance journey":

This blog is about the continuing evolution of Tribal Odyssey, Anthea's troupe which is now 10 years old and going through life changes of its own.


Chella Tribe

"The Tribal Way"

From belly dance costume and makeup tutorials to her own advice and opinions, Chella invites you to discover the tribal way of life, complete with jaw-dropping photographs.


The Dancing Spirit Studio

"The Dancing Spirit":

A Rhode Island belly dance studio owner, Barbara is new to the blogging world, but already she's tackling some hefty belly dance issues.



"Costumer's Notes":

Artist, historian, writer & costumer, Davina is dedicated to the art, science and technique of designing and making Middle Eastern belly dance costumes. This blog is her continuation of my love of Middle Eastern dance and costuming.

Debra Cooley

"Finally Getting Fit":

Debra of Georgia is a woman with a love for her family that wants to change her lifestyle, get healthy and dance! Read more and encourage her by clicking the link above.


Gina Gonzalez Schanel

"raksgina bellydance... it's a hip trip":

This blog is about bellydance and the everyday life that inspires it, written through the eyes of a mother, wife, bellydancer, teacher, student, traveler, crafter and someone who is overall curious about life.


Jamila Johari

"Belly Events Blog":

Birthday parties, upcoming workshops and other Dallas belly dance events promoted by Belly Events are shared by Jamila, with a beautiful photo accompanying each post.


Jenna Shear

"The Fledgling Belly":

Jenna uses her blog to document her adventures and, as she puts it, her misadventures in becoming a professional Tribal Fusion dancer in the NYC area.


Julia Benson-Slaughter

"Thursday Nights at Windy Hill":

"Wel­come to Thurs­day Nights at Windy Hill, the sto­ries of a middle-aged klutz and her friends turned middle-aged bellydancers."



"Independent aspiring whatever":

An aspiring video game maker/animator from Florida muses on life, film-making, reality TV, voice acting, belly dance and more.



"Kismetisms emporium of the old":

"Recipe to make a Kismetism: Add a little of the old world, a little of the new, a few parts of random, some photos and a lot of me."


Leyla Najma

"Hip Phylosophy":

Puerto Rico belly dancer Leyla Najma created Hip Phylosophy with dancers in mind who have the fortitude to keep on studying so they can achieve their goals.


Mahin Sciacca

"In the Ears...Out the Hips! Mahin's Middle Eastern Dance Musings":

Mahin's passion for belly dance shows through her writing as she discusses shows, choreography and her Middle-Eastern influenced lifestyle.



"Essential Information For Belly Dancers by Mellilah":

Learn about belly dance history, instruction and more from a dancer who has spent  countless hours of research and study of dance history, music, culture, and style, and time spent observing exceptional dancers perform.



"More Than a Mirage":

Najla's blog on seeking insights and sharing inspirations on belly dancing in Austin, Texas


Najla Belly Dance

"RAQS and the City: Najla's Belly Dance Blog":

NYC based belly dance instructor & performer blogs about dance, music, costuming, culture and desire to bring the spirit of the Middle East to the Big Apple.


Nyla Crystal

"Belly Dance Brilliance Blog":

Sacremento belly dancer Nyla Crystal provides great tips for all levels of performers, including cold weather events and drilling. She also makes a case for hiring belly dancers at a variety of special events.


Raks A'Diva

"Dancer's Rak! Blog":

Follow the lives & shows from members of this Award-Winning California belly dance troupe.


Rasha Nour

"Rasha's Bellydance Blog":

A fresh new blog from an Oxford belly dance performer and teacher covers her adventures and thoughts on shows, classes, events and parties throughout the UK.


Sakura Tribal

"Tribal Pilgrims":

Sakura is a UK tribal belly dance troupe comprised of two dancers, Cayte & Sarah. Follow their dance adventures as they take a 'Tribal Pilgrimage'.


Shay Moore

"Deep Roots Dance":

Shay Moore is a Seattle tribal dancer who writes about general belly dance issues, such as performance ethics, creative process, drill lessons, inspirational videos and more. Don't forget to check out her Student Resource Center.


Stephanie Bolton

"The musings, ramblings, & shenanigans of Artist Stephanie Bolton": 

Drop by Stephanie's blog to see her beautiful art pieces, what inspires her, upcoming events, interviews with dancers in her art pieces and her personal journey through the world of belly dance!


Tammy Ginader

"YIP Podcast":

Tammy and Mary chat about bellydance, costumes, music and media reviews, and other bellydance topics in this funny and informative podcast! Their personalities and topics will certainly draw you in.


Tina Kapp

"Oriental Fire":

Tina uses her blog to discuss her troupe, announce performances, post recent photos, and discuss anything else bellydance. Her updates are often and her passion for dance is evident!



"Amar el Binnaz Danca do Ventre":

This blog may be in Portuguese, but it's worth the Google Translate. Vera covers high profile local events such as "Mercado Persa", a belly dance event that showcased 60 hours of belly dance to over 45,000 people.


Vivi Bellydance

"Vivi Bellydance Blog":

Splitting her time between Austin, NYC, and Brazil, this Brazilian native shares her inspirations, whether it be belly dance, fashion, makeup or photography.


Wendy Beth Creations

"Custom Jewelry, Hair Accessories, and Costuming":

Visit Wendy's blog to view her latest creation, get coupon codes and learn a little more about her passions. 



"A Dancing Machine that will Blow the Mind and Mesmerize the Soul":

She's a Lubbock dancer who is passionate about life and belly dance! Like Dilara, she wants to break the belly dance stereotype, one blog at a time.


Yuska Lutfi Tuanakotta

"The Pinkcoinbelt Chronicles":

Yuska chronicles his journeys with Tribal belly dance, including the very big journey from his hometown in Indonesia to Berkley, California, where he studies with FatChanceBellyDance.