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Belly Dancer Beauty: Lashes-Faux is Fab!

False eyelashes are a great way for belly dancers to enhance stage presence or give you a little edge for a night out on the town. Makeup and false eyelashes are simple accessories you can use to complete your look.  We all know the eyes are the windows to our souls and applying false eyelashes are an important asset to the look of your face, it aids in framing your eyes and acts like filters to keep out dust and debris. Nice long lashes not only change your looks but your confidence when you feel you are looking your best.  Why do you think the celebs wear them?

belly dancer, belly dancing, false eyelashesSome eyelashes can get very expensive, there are many that are natural looking and priced right. Choosing a false eyelash is just like any other product you invest in. You can get them at any price range and during the Halloween season many stores stock up on them and if you time it just right you can hit the after Halloween sale and pick up those beauties for 50%-75% off. Choosing what style you like is also important. Sticking with a shade that closest matches your own natural eyelash color is best for daily application, maybe go thicker, longer and darker for evenings out or perfromances.

Keep in mind that most false eyelashes are long and will need to be trimmed to customize your look.  This is why it is great to get those sale lashes, you can experiment and practice with out breaking the bank.  Be sure to practice these applications before your big belly dance performance or night out so you won't have the added stress of "getting it right." is here to offer simple steps on how to apply false eyelashes:

1. Make sure you begin with clean eye lids. The adhesives will not stick to surfaces coated with cold cream or oil residue. It is recommend to use an oil-free eye makeup remover and use oil-free based makeup around your eyes.

2. The next step is applying the lashes with an adhesive. Apply the glue to the eyelashes, using a dark lash glue that defines the lash line. Be careful not apply too much adhesive. Squeeze some onto a clean peice of paper and use a small applicator or a toothpick works too! Allow the adhesive to set up and become tacky. This shouldn't take more than a minute. Follow the manufacturers recommendations for the adhesive, most glues are not meant to be applied directly to your eyelid.

3. Begin your application at the inside corner, hold the false eyelashes as close to your own lash line as possible, and press. Sometimes using tweezers can assist you if you feel like you just can't get the placement right. Presto!
4. Once the lashes are applied, allow them to dry. Next, use an eyelash curler and gently curl your false eyelashes along with your own lashes.

5. It is recommended to conceal any imperfections with a liquid eyeliner. It is not necessary to use mascara, but you can be the judge on what is needed to complete your unique look.

When it is time to remove the lashes, be careful. You don't want to pull your own lashes out or worse, damage your eyelids. Use oil-based eye makeup remover, allowing it to set on your lashes for a few minutes. The oil aids in loosing the adhesive easily.

If you plan on using the same set of false eyelashes again, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and gently remove any remaining glue. 

It is recommended to wear false eyelashes only on special occasions, this will help your eyelids from developing an irritation from the adhesive.

If you are interested in wearing false eyelashes because you have little to no lashes or need to grow some, there are many other new prescription products available that aid in growing your own lashes. Be sure to check with your doctor.

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