Beauty Tips for Today's Belly Dancer

When Makeup Is A Belly Dancer's Worst Enemy

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the baseboards and windows. Is your cosmetic caboodle in need of a make over? Outdated makeup and cosmetics can cause a ton of problems from skin infections, eye infections to just a smelly face. Even in these tough economic times, belly dancers need to look their best, right? Let Dilara and the hip chicks at show you how a few easy swaps can give you a fresh new face for spring.

Lipsticks and Glosses

When to toss: Generally, most lipsticks will last for about a year, most glosses only for six months. If it starts to dry out, become crumbly or even smell funny, toss it.    
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What to swap: Corals and pinks are springing up every where this season! (We don't think it's any coincidence that anyone can rock these two colors). If you just can't part with your signature red, try a burgundy lip stain for extra staying power. (Dilara disagrees with this tip, check out her lip service here)

Foundation, Powder and Bronzer

belly dancer, belly dance, health , beauty, make upWhen to toss: Some mineral powders and foundations never expire, but most powdered foundations and bronzers are usually safe for 18 months. If they start to get crumbly, throw 'em out. Liquid foundation lasts for about a year, but if it starts to smell or the oils start to separate – just imagine what it's doing to your face – chunk it.

What to swap: If you are craving that sun-kissed bronze look without the tanning bed or streaky powders, opt for a tawny peach crème blush. Rosy peach cheeks are in! It's flattering and much more natural looking. If you are looking for full body faux finish options, we've got you covered.

Eyeliners, Shadows and Mascara

belly dancer, belly dance, beauty, health, beautyWhen to toss: Mascara has a lifespan of 3 months. Continuous dipping of the wand to get more mascara causes bacteria to get in. Creamy or wet eye shadows should last you approximately 6–12 months. But like liquid foundation, if it starts to dry out or the oils start to separate, it has no place on your face! Dry eyeshadow can last up to 2 years. The same guidelines apply for eyeliners, too. Liquid eyeliner should be replaced after 6 months, pencils can last up to 2 years. (Really? We can't think of any dancer, performer or Average Amy who can make an eyeliner last for 2 years!)

What to swap:
Live it up a little and try a sparkly gold or khaki shadow instead. It's still a soft, natural shade but the glimmer adds some interest to your peepers. If you are fan of brown or black eyeliners, try punching it up with plum or navy. It's an easy introduction to jewel tones, and the hint of color makes your irises more vivid without being too over the top!

Nail Polish

nail polish, belly dance, beautyWhen to toss: Nail color should last at least a year. If it starts to fade and separate, replace it! A few shakes of the bottle may reconstitute your color, but it may not mix the chemicals properly.

What to swap:
Buff, baby pink and “greige” are all fashion forward and work appropriate colors. Chips won't be as noticeable when you are wearing these trendy neutrals compared to the dark, vampy nail colors that were hot for fall and winter


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