Beauty Tips for Today's Belly Dancer

Glimmer, Shimmer and Shine Up Your Makeup Applicators

Belly dancers are tops when it comes to makeup application, but do you know how to best take care of those valuable tools?  Makeup brushes (good ones) can be an investment, and proper attention to keeping them clean will lengthen the life of your makeup applicators while increasing the raw beauty of your skin. Cleaning your makeup brushes every 4-6 weeks can help improve your skin’s health by removing the additional bacteria we introduce when using unclean applicators.

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All you need is hot water, a towel, and a gently foaming face wash. First rinse your brush, then apply a dime-sized portion of face wash. After thoroughly cleaning, rinse with hot water until water leaving the brush is clear.


Hang brushes upside down (ideally), or lay flat on a clean towel to dry.

Voila! Enjoy one month of clean brushes, then repeat.

For quick and daily maintenance, use a baby wipe after application. asked our fab fans the question about what they do to clean up and here's their advice:

Sabrina Bd, dancer & instructor located in San Diego, said: "... Clean brushes made of hair with unscented, organic shampoos or Castile soap (no special scented oils.) Sponge applicators: Castile soap."

Yoko Gemba, Turkey based dancer, advised "I wash brushes with shampoo and then use hair conditionor to keep them smooth ... other things (sponges) wash with soap."

A member from Californian troupe Dark Raven Bellydance added, "My 13 yr old daughter suggested you watch this YouTube video, its where she learned to clean her brushes & she swears by it, hehe"


Other responses we have read basically list things that we all use to remove oil and makeup from our face works the best, as long as the product is not OIL based.  Make sure you let your brushes and applicators dry completely before use. Shimmy On!