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Tanning Salons: A Shocking Look Behind The Scenes. Exclusive By Dilara Sultan ~Part II

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Besides dirt and hair, it is typical for tanning salon employees to find other surprises after a customer leaves.  The biggest problem for my source is urine.

No Need For A Potty Break:

"I have found some pretty disgusting things in a tanning salon.  And by disgusting, I mean down-right disturbing. The biggest problem is pee.  Even though we have two perfectly clean bathrooms, customer still pee in trashcans or in the beds.  If I had $10 for every trash bag of pee I have had to carry out to the dumpster, I could buy more than a few year memberships.

Pee in the actual bed is less of a common occurrence for this whistle-blower, however "I have found piles of pee-soaked towels behind beds and under chairs more than a few times. We just spray and wipe down the bed again, and don't really take any extra measures to disinfect it (the tanning room)." 

She went on to tell about other bodily functions, "At least twice a month I find blood or poop in the bed.  I usually try not to think about why or how it got there and just give it a quick wipe up.  We don't soak it, Clorox it, or use anything than the hospital cleaner (Lucasol)."

Trim And Tidy Time:

Another problem she shared with me is personal clipping and trimming in either the tanning beds themselves or in the privacy of their tanning room.  "I clean out piles of toenails and pubic hair clippings from at least one room every night.  I do not understand why people cannot make time for this at home, but I guess they think the tanning bed is the best place to trim up."

The Not-So-Sexy Stuff:

"I've once grabbed a wadded up towel only to discover that the man tanning had decided to "pleasure" himself while he was in the bed. Cleaning THAT off the top of the bed was something I hope to never do again.

She then ran through her mental list of yuck: wads of snot, something that resembled puke, and marijuana.  "The same day I found the drugs in the room, a tanning customer told me AFTER she had tanned that she had a herpes outbreak and I might want to wear gloves when cleaning her bed.  The amount of people who fail to mention their STD's scares me."

As I sat at her, looking at her own glowingly bronze skin, I had only one last question, "How the hell do you look so tan?"

"I don't tan," she responded proudly.  "I use the spray tan booth.”