Beauty Tips for Today's Belly Dancer

Belly Dancer Beauty On A Budget: Savvy Hair Care

Let’s face it; even if you’re relatively low-maintenance when it comes to beauty, it’s easy for your hair to be damaged quickly. After all that you put it through, including blow-drying, flattening, curling, styling, and coloring, there’s got to be some way to minimize the damage, right?

Belly dancers specifically are exposed to a whole host of outside toxins, due to their tendency to travel to jobs, festivals, and workshops. Searing stage lights, gritty environmental pollution, and heat and frizz are all particular topics of worry. But not to fear. Here are some quick and easy at-home tips for hair repair. These have been tested and approved by women around the world.

  • Use a detangler when you hop out of the shower. This will help to prevent brittle hair from breaking off when you brush it. Mix one part conditioner with 10 parts water and pour into a spray bottle. A few squirts and your good to go.


  • Let the wind dry your hair. Especially in locations where the air is hot and humid, blow-drying your hair will only make it look like a ravaged haystack.  To avoid this, plan on showering right before taking a walk in a sunny, breezy park, or before you go for a short car ride. It sounds silly, but letting your hair dry naturally can improve its shine and texture dramatically.


  • Deep condition the old-fashioned way. Using mayonnaise as hair conditioner may sounds like an old wives’ tale, but it really does work. Simply take about ½ a cup of mayonnaise (REAL mayonnaise, not salad dressing, which will actually dry your hair out) and work it into your hair. Put on a shower cap and hang out for 20 minutes before washing it out thoroughly. Those with very long hair can only treat the ends if they wish. For extra-deep conditioning, wrap a warm, damp towel around your head over the shower cap.

Luminous hair doesn’t require fancy chemicals and products. Using these simple tips, you can repair the damage done to your hair without breaking your budget.

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