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If it Shimmies like a Duck Part II

If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck.... well, you know the rest.

You know me: I am passionate about belly dance.  My passion has taken me to many places in the world, and that same passion has fueled the drive behind this website.  When you mess with what I am passionate about, I get upset and I know I’m not alone.

So, I’ll cut to the chase:  What are you doing to improve the image of belly dance? 

There are 3 main thoughts I want to challenge you with today.  Perhaps they can help belly dance gain or maintain the respect it deserves?  Or perhaps they are good tools to recall in other situations as well?  You tell me.

1.  Reality Check: grow up and quit acting like you’re in Jr High school.  When you speak so ugly about other dancers, you bring the image of this art down to your level- that level being silly-immature drama queens.  It’s difficult to share the beauty and community of belly dance to others when it becomes a scene from some MTV reality show. 

2. Recognize: Opportunities to make a positive impact in situations present themselves often.  Recognize  when they appear and exercise creative and engaging ways to make a difference when it can make a difference.  

3. Respond: I hope that when you have the opportunity to make a difference you will have the guts to act on it.  How we respond and interact with the situations that present themselves is a defining moment, not only in interpersonal situations but also in performance situations.   Need tips on how to stand up?  Check this out... Stand Up & Don't be a Doormat

Are you sitting on the sidelines watching, and waiting to see how the other shoe drops? Complacency is condoning behavior.  If you have the confidence to dance like no one’s watching... if you have the guts to get out there and roll your belly... then why would you become a coward in defending the community and art of belly dance?

If you have the courage to be a part of this culture of modern belly dancers, why are you not courageous enough to help raise the standards of the belly dance community.  Perhaps looking and judging others is easier than looking in the mirror and seeing what looks back at us.

Perhaps my perception of community is, in fact, only a small minority?