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Woman's Day Magazine YES!

Who has two thumbs and is teaching a national audience of over 20 million women about whyDilara Sultan,, Belly Dance, Woman's Day belly dance raqs?

This gal!

Yeah, you can bet we’re doing a happy shimmy over here in the office.  Ever hear of a lil' mag called WOMAN'S DAY MAGAZINE?   They only have a readership of 20 Million! 


I went through about 5 'Stages of Acceptance' when I found out the article featuring and belly dance is on newsstands nation-wide. 



“What?! It’s out ALREADY? But it’s still August!”



“Woohoo! Belly dancing is reaching national audiences in a positive light, PLUS my profile users are going to get additional exposure.”



“Oh... my... I’ve had such bad luck with journalists. What if they used the wrong name? Or worse... what if they use the word GYRATE? (homage to What if for some bizarre reason they used the wrong picture (it happens) or, heaven forbid, ad-libbed with a tabloid’s flair (oh yeah, you KNOW that happens)."



“Phew! My picture is fine, my quotes are fine, and... shock of all shocks... they wrote the website correctly!”


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If you’re not there, you’re getting lost!

We’re doing the happy shimmy over here, shouldn’t you? Turns out, you ARE invited to this party and you DON’T want to arrive fashionably late.

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