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Hello Television... It Is High Time Belly Dance Had A Show

It’s great when my Diary makes headlines... and it’s great when it gets noticed by the famous (Bill O, ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and assorted writers of magazines)   And now I must give a hug and a hip-pop to my girl Ellen DeGeneres.  Obviously she read “Shimmy with the Stars: Celebrity Belly Dancers We Would Lose Our Zills Over,”  that my team and I wrote earlier this year. 


What did you think of her belly dance segment last week?  People have flocked to our latest poll to give us their vote, and you can too.  Of course, this is not her first try at the art, she has had other belly dance performers sprinkled in her guest history.


All this spotlight... is it good?  We know for a fact, the article in Woman’s Day  was exactly what millions of women wanted... and we are still seeing those effects today.


In the past 6 months, can you think of how many times belly dance has been on TV?  Whether it’s been the butt of a joke, the sensual way the Housewives of [insert favorite place here] New Jersey, Cali, Atlanta and NYC.... or the fun that Ellen DeGeneres had with belly dance last week... belly dance is turning up everywhere.


Yet, what is it about belly dance that gets shown:
pretty costumes
pretty moves
lots of shimmies
nice smiles
snake arms
etc, etc


But what would be great - really wonderful, is to show what makes belly dance so special:
the stories inspiration
the stories of transformation
the unexpected people involved in belly dance
People, people, people

We all know someone that has inspired us on our dance journey... someone that leads the double-life and does it so well... even that someone looking back at you in the mirror has an amazing story to tell.  Who would YOU recommend? 


I am embarking on a journey to make this happen, and I hope you will help me.  Consider emailing me your thoughts on the Outstanding Personalities of Belly Dance --- notice I did not say “Mega-Star,”  fame is not a factor at all.  Email me direct at


It is time for belly dance on television ----- the real stories behind the movement.  Now THAT’S  Entertainment!!