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Belly Dancing Weatherman - Expect A Nice Shimmy In Today's Forecast

Today I witnessed, yet again, an attempt to make belly dance the butt of a joke of some morning news show.... and I am pleased to be WRONG - sort of.



He sought out a belly dance instructor.  He did NOT act like "Thong Man," and he did have a simple and entertaining presentation.

The BAD:
The video clip did not stay with the professional belly dancer.  The camera man & show producer thought it was more interesting for the audience to try to cut in to specific body parts.  Just show the dance, it's enough.

The female morning show anchor.  Dear Lord Woman: perhaps you missed this bit in Broadcast Journalism 101 - If you are wearing a mic DON'T YELL!!!  And please, don't try to knock belly dance... your attempts to be funny with him "showing a lot of skin," blah blah only made this viewer roll her eyes.  (I dare say, I'm not alone)

All in all - a fun piece, and refreshing that it was a nice attempt at the art of oriental dance.  Now, if I could just get the dancer Katy on the phone --- I wanna know the real, "Behind The Scenes."  Maybe from her time with Frank, she has a great Diva story to share