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The Weekly Belly Dance EBad, by Dilara Sultan 1-18-2012

We have all done it, searched and searched the Internet for that perfect NEW belly dance item that we must have... Going to some of the larger “We Sell It All-Every hobby, fetish and fashion style,” websites and doing a search for Belly Dance can be quite an adventure!

We are starting a new weekly segment at driven by You our faithful readers, who stumble upon some of the stupidest things that are listed as Belly Dance

As an ode to the creative blog known as “Regresty” We lovingly call this... the Weekly Belly Dance EBad.  Found weekly in Dilara’s Diary, the blog of

To pass on your fabulous finds, email us at - please put “Ebad” in the subject

Sometimes “retro” fashion is fun... sometimes it can be simply repulsive.  Case in point, this Week’s Belly Dance Ebad: 

“Vintage Sexy Burlesque Exotic Stripper Belly Dancer Sequined Bikini Set” The name is NOT changed to protect anyone.


 Belly Dance Ebad By Dilara Sultan, Dilara Sultan, Belly Dance,



It actually makes perfect sense to have this as a belly dance item... EEWWE Not!

Why anyone would think that a G-string that’s say 30 YEARS OLD is anything that a belly dancer would want to wear is making my head shimmy!

 Belly Dance Ebad By Dilara Sultan, Dilara Sultan, Belly Dance,

Now, we all know that presentation is KEY to making the sale.... so let’s review a quick list of items that come to my mind:

1.  Is that mannequin doing a new horizontal belly roll.... look at that belly button!

2.  Is it possible that the mannequin’s hips need lipo?

3.  Is that an extra butt cheek on the left hip?

4.  That rod’s gotta hurt

5.  Wait, didnt that guy wear this in the Rocky Horror Picture Show? 

6.  Do you really think that other view of the inside of the g-string was a good idea?

7.. Hook on the front, between the breasts..... isn’t that convenient?

For $35 bucks -- what do you say?