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Belly Dance Green Robot: The Weekly Belly Dance eBad by Dilara Sultan 1-25-2012

Yes, belly dance is a great thing.... a great thing to sell things on line.  And I’m proud to display this week’s Belly Dance eBad......... what’s a Belly Dance eBad? 


Well, clearly you missed last week’s inaugral installment, so you can click here to see it.   In a nutshell,  I, Dilara Sultan, Belly Dancer and Diva (I can call myself that, I own it)  and I also own a Belly Dance eCommerce site with multiple belly dance vendors....... but targeted for the cool, hip belly dance crowd.  1 stop shopping, how cool, right? 

One of the reasons started not too long ago, was to weed out Robot Belly Dance Art:

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Yes, clearly this is belly dance related.  As the tags in the sellers page list:

Art Painting Original Painting pop acrylic arab arabic veil muslim eyes middle eastern mediterranean belly dance

Yep, look at those eyes..... don’t let the nuts fool you.... oh wait!!  It could be a metaphor: Muslim eyes are NUTS. 

Perhaps as we delve deeper into the mind of the artist, we see that although this is a Green Robot, it is actually a veiled, Arabic Arab.  I’ve heard that most people that are referred to as Arabic are, in fact, Arabs.  Yes, Belly Dance makes you wiser, I know.

Now how this relates to belly dance is clearly evident.... simply look at the “stage” of the Robot Belly Dancer:  yes, cleverly it looks like a book.  But what do we see?  Words that echo belly dance terminology in today’s journalistic style-books!  Don’t be fooled, it’s not really about elevator coils.

Vertical gain, square-wave, responsive-curve, Observe, again observe, reversed coils.... and I think I detect the word GYRATE!!!!

Dear Lord, this is a true work of Belly Dance Art Genius!  For only $3.50.... I’ll flip this sucker at Sotheby’s  and make a killing! 

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Hugs and Shimmies!

Dilara Sultan,, Belly Dance