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What Makes a Jaw Drop Turn Into a Major Hip Pop? - The SHIMMYCOASTER Week of 2/3/2012

Apparently, a New Jersey Senator!

What started as a jaw drop, became a MAJOR hip pop when U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg of New Jersey posted on his Facebook page that the Susan G. Komen Foundation was making a U-Turn on their decision to cease funding for Planned Parenthood.

boobs, belly dance, susan g komen, planned parenthood, hipmix.netFor those of you living under a rock (you know, a rock of belly dance lessons, performances, and other forms of work), there was a big buzz this weekend when the Susan G. Komen Foundation decided to stop funding Planned Parenthood's breast cancer screenings (don't worry, we have the whole scoop summarized here)

Well, we don't like when people make it easier for cancer to beat up our ladies, and apparently neither did tons of other people. This week, people showed Planned Parenthood a lot of love - with $$$ attached; since the announcement they've seen donations of over a million dollars. Who needs Susan G. Komen anyways? Ok, ok, I’m sure Planned Parenthood will take the money from them, too. Makes you wonder if it was all a publicity stunt? Hummm... though it didn't work out to well for the Komens.

pink handgun, komen, planned parenthood, hipmix.netAnd in other bizarre Susan G. Komen news, there are new reports surfacing that a new pink handgun is being released in recognition of the fight for the cure. I won't bring up the second amendment here, but something about pink handguns doesn't exactly scream "cure breast cancer to me", unless there's a new form of cancer treatment I don't know about.

According to an update on the above article, PR reps from the Susan G. Komen foundation are arguing they have not had marketing relations with the manufacturer of said pink gun, but you have to wonder about the timing.


Honorable Shimmy-Mentions

OK! Let's move on to more positive things.

dilara sultan, ellen degeneres, love,, belly danceObviously we love Ellen Degeneres a little bit here in the office (exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C, and exhibit D to the left) and we're glad to see we're not the only belly dancers pay attention. Ellen recently dared her viewers to send a video of themselves dancing in public, and who should enter but a belly dancer? I mean, who hasn't wanted to bust out belly dancing in public, let alone wearing your favorite costume?

She's so cute, AND a profile member Mayada. Gotta love the escalator shimmy, so fingers crossed she joins Rosalba as a belly dancer on Ellen.


If you're looking for some Valentine's Day fun (and happen to live in Wisconsin) why not go to a Persian Buffet plus belly dance show? ENOURMOUS Hip Pops to The Journal Times in Racine, Wisconsin for suggestions a wonderful alterna-Valentine's Day treat.

And if you're in the market for some other belly-dance-themed gifts, check out for our shopkeepers' Valentine's Day sales.


Speaking of places we wish we could live, check out this Diva Night for Children in Pune, India. First of all, awesome name. Second of all:

Semi-classical Indian and bellydance fusion performances, a Michael Jackson tribute, a salsa/bellydance/hip hop fusion, live drum solos, fire fusion dances, sword balancing acts, theatrical acts and performances by children from Grace Orphanage.

There is nothing in that sentence we don't love. You had us at Michael Jackson, Indian Express.


And because we think you've had enough up's-and-down's this week, we're leaving you without a Jaw Drop. So enjoy the weekend on the positive thought of orphans learning and performing belly dance, and we'll see you Monday!