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Thanks Nanette Lepore For This Week's BAD Belly Dance Fashion! Dilara's Weekly Belly Dance eBad

On Line Selling + Belly Dance can equal some very strange... even bad results. 

As an ode to the creative blog known as “Regresty” We lovingly call this... the Weekly Belly Dance EBad. Found weekly in Dilara’s Diary, the blog of

Note to Nanette Lepore... hun, how is this a “belly dancer top”?

belly dance clothing,
I love American designer Nanette Lepore.  Her bold colors and prints shout Spring/Summer to me... and a few of my favorite “resort wear” go-to pieces in my wardrobe bare her name. 

I would not put her in the category of allowing cultural influences and oriental flair to reflect much in her designs, yet a recent peek into this season’s Look Book on her website tells a strange tale of her modern take of belly dance on her designs.

Clearly she does have the gumption to know that belly dace IS HOT and dropping in the words “Belly Dance Top” to this all-too-boring blouse may give it more selling power.

Sorry Nanette, it’s an eBad in my book ----- but I’m happy to help you with your fall/winter offerings.  First we’ll start with a few belly dance lessons in my studio.... then a study trip to Istanbul for true Oriental influence in your fashion -  I know all the hot spots ;) 


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