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The Crime is Fashion, and The Punishment is... This Week's Belly Dance eBad

For some, this is a time of holy observance.... the season of Lent.  I am not going to take the time to explain the whole significance of the season... and yes I do know and understand it well... both my children are in Private Catholic school.


So to put it into a nutshell, Lent is a time when many will "Give up" something they perhaps enjoy (chocolate, red wine).  Some, like I, see it as a time to adjust my goals set at the beginning of the year... and yes, red wine have been dropped from my diet for the next 40 days.


What Lent is NOT intended for, is for belly dancers or belly dance costume designers to give up ALL Fashion Sense and Taste!  This costumer has decided that fabric is one item belly dancers should give up for Lent.....    and that's why it's this week's Belly Dance eBad!!


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First, one must ask.... exactly where is this dancer? In Jail?? What's up with the photo set?  Nice positioning of the hands... they do look a bit like handcuffs.

belly dance,

And the bra... for those thay may recall going to the drive in movies, don't those spirals look like mosquito burners... in a size D? 


Personally, I always thought belly dance bra cups with have beading that accentuates the nipple are not only distracting, but usually quite ugly. The dangling coins on this bra's nipple area trump all my past opinions... and these look like they may even hurt.  Are they clamps?


For Lent not only did they give up taste, but also fabric..... these bras are coils and coins only, there is no visible fabric... now THAT'S classy!


The harem pants are what you see, cheaply made.  But as I make my way to the bottom of the ensemble, the shoes... everything comes into perspective now.  Those shoes are NOT shoes a belly dancer could dance in... clear heels, I don't care. 

 I mean, no back straps?

One Hip Drop with an accent kick and that shoe's airborne! belly dancers, george bush,

She's no belly dancer, and that's no belly dance costume... and yes, I do believe it IS a jail. Fashion jail, that is. I hope the sentence lasts a lifetime!