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Cover Your Bum Belly Dance eBad March 7th

Yes, I am on the computer a lot... and yes, I come across "Those" costumes that make me say: @#$%!^*   Etsy, eBay, and many other sites allow some of the most awful items to be listed as "belly dance" - sometimes they are cool, sometimes they are not belly dance related, and some are just a little too BAD.... hence my term and weekly blog post: The Belly Dance eBad

Some will probably disagree with me... but today's eBad IS a belly dance costume. With lots and lots of interesting bead work.

Here it is:

belly dance, ebad, awful costume, bra and belt, thong, red

Where shall I start... from the top:

The bra has a very interesting and amazing hand beadwork/fringe design. But it lacks some color.... some real POP.

And you know, this is just going to be too distracting on a performer. I know that many newbie performers are going to like this a lot.... because many newbie performers LOVE LOTS of FRINGE!!! I was one of those newbies. I did grow out of it.

If I were in the audience, I’d be trying to follow the strands of red, connecting with other strands of red, to more beads of red, all connected to a red bra.

Does the dancer perform well? I dunno... but she has this weirdly interesting red beaded thing. What color was the dancers hair? Ummmm, red I think. I dunno; all I saw was the red.

Lets gaze further down and YIKES! what do my eyes see..... a beaded belly dance thong? Yes, this is the perfect thing that every belly dancer needs in lieu of a skirt ----- a beaded thong.

So, now the eyes are really confused.... what do we look at: the web of red beads on the torso, the beads below the belly button... or the lack of anything on the belly dancers bum?

Is this a belly dance wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen at a performance? Nope, This is a malfunction in itself.

First rule of belly dance... don't show your ass.