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Is That A Nipple? Dilara's Belly Dance EBad 4/25

My eBads, and for that matter, much of my other articles and blog posts have been a bit of a trickle for the past month.... sorry.  I've just opened a new belly dance studio,  please forgive --- and I know you understand.


As belly dancers, many of us are also belly dance vendors of some sort.  Thanks to belly dancers can sell along side other independent belly dance business owners in a community environment.  If you are a belly dance vendor, crafter or even have gently used costumes you wish to sell --- I encourage you to learn more about this part of the website.  (Aaaaand CUT commercial)


Back to today's installment of Dilara's Belly Dance EBad.  What is it?  It's my attempt to call out and poke a little fun at those items for sell on the world weird web that try to cater to the fabulous belly dance community - but somehow just don't get it.


Belly dancers CARE about how they present themselves... clearly this internet seller doesn't get that aspect of our personalities.  Do you see what's wrong with this picture?

belly dance, Dilara Sultan, EBad by Dilara Sultan,


Yeah, time to clean up your act a bit, let's start with paint on the tatas.  Those chips look like bizarrely placed and shaped nipples ----- an attention grabber for sure, but not the attention we are looking for.


Sellers listen up: if you want tips on best photography techniques... read this article here>>  And if you really want to reach belly dancers, and have yourself presented as a truly qualified seller, you must get a shop on  Shameless plug?  Nope.  It's the smart business decision.  Promise! xoxox Dilara Sultan, Belly dancer,