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Calling it "Belly Dance" Doesn't MAKE it Belly Dance, Alfred Sung - 5/1 eBad

Alfred Sung is known in some circles as the Unofficial Fashion Ambassador of Canada. He's well known for his bride and bridesmaid gowns, so it's safe to say he knows what it means to be classy.

When I saw that there was an Alfred Sung "Belly Dance" dress? My heart lept.

Have bridal fashions gone Middle Eastern? Will there be coins instead of crystals? How much bling will there be? Oh my word... give me the bling!

And then... I saw it. My heart sank.

When I thought more about it, I groaned.

Yet again, another failed attempt to grab attention, and get a dress seen by the fabulous belly dance demographic. 

Yes, I have officially seen to it that the belly dance community worldwide is officially known as a demographic.

Gallop gave me a hard time, even with my argument of how it truly IS the most sought after segment of population.  But as I pointed out that Nanette Lepore and now Alfred Sung have demonstrated their Lust for our attention Gallop finally agreed ;)


Now back to the amazing NEW Belly Dance dress by Alfred Sung:
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Makes your belly flutter, right?