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"Watch" What You Call Belly Dance, Dilara's Belly Dance E-Bad 5/16

Today’s ebad had me totally perplexed.  I can understand some really ugly items being passed off as belly dance fabulous... after all who can forget this...(click image to read about it)bad belly dance costume, Dilara Sultan Ebad,




and this....?  bad belly dance items, Dilara Sultan EBad,













But this week’s item, “A Belly Dance Swatch Flex Bracelet” was so bizarre that I sent the seller of this “fine” belly dance piece an email and asked:


Why is there a safety pin on this?  Why is it called “belly dance”?

You take a look at the product and then guess what their answer is:

belly dance swatch,, Dilara Sultan

A few people I *scientifically polled* offered up these answers to my two questions:

To keep it safe; and because a belly dancer never knows when she’ll need a safety pin
Because; and Why Not?
To keep it closed; and just because


All those reasons seemed to make more sense to me than the answer I received from the seller:  “It’s the title of the swatch, most likely a “newborn”gift-Swatch, but I’m not sure .”

Ok, so it’s been a long time since I was sporting my Swatch Watches , sometimes 4 at the same time, but I loved them and STILL have them too!  Thinking back, I had one Swatch that I loved so much I had to replace the band 3 times because they kept wearing out.  Here it is with band #1:

dilara sultan, swatch,
Band #2

dilara sultan,, swatch

and ALL my Swatches, I still have them! Band #3 (which is when I gave up on the cheap plastic plastic crap)  swatches, belly dance, Dilara Sultan,

One thing is certain: I don't remember Swatch having anything other than fun-colored and funky-faced watches in cheap plastic, not metal.

The Geraldo Rivera of Belly Dance in me drove me to do more homework.  And I found it, in all it’s glory!  The - Belly Dance - Watch - By - Swatch!!!!!   I’m feeling proud of my  non-stop perseverance to bring out the true perpetrator... so, here it is:

 belly dance, swatch, Dilara Sultan,

Don’t you see why this is called the “Belly Dance” watch?  It’s obvious: It has shiny, dangly things!!!!  One kinda looks like a bell.  the other looks like a button off an Anne Klein blazer from the early 90’s (yes I had one of those too).  The other object, well clearly it’s the most belly dance magnificent of all.

It’s blue and that starts with the letter B and so does Belly dance, so there you go!

As we move to the face of the watch, we see... A flower silhouette sweating and we all know what that represents in belly dance, don’t we? Actually no, we don’t.

Yet again, another example of E-commerce and marketing gone puzzlingly wrong.  One thing's for sure, they know that Belly Dance is a fabulous thing... too bad they don’t just take a class.