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Introduction to Becoming A Better Belly Dancer and a Better YOU

I am a girl that is always looking for ways to simplify, save time, be healthier, blah blah blah.  Perhaps I am a bit of a “self-help” junkie.  I have found that my brothers and sisters in belly dance are a lot like me in regards to this... and it’s probably because we are artistic creatures.  We want to be the best that we can be... as a person, a belly dancer and in all the other rolls we play in our daily life.

So, in the pursuit of becoming a better me - I have found the things that I am adopting are bleeding over into my belly dance life... which is no surprise.

The little tidbits that I have picked up and applied, I have also shared with students and dancers.  Their feedback has prompted me to share them with you in a series that I not-so-cleverly call “Becoming A Better Belly Dance And A Better YOU.”

To organize myself, and this series of blogs, I will make this a weekly installment, and you can count on it every Tuesday... So in essence, each week will have a theme... I hope you will see it as a way to join me on a new type of belly dance journey.  I know that by applying the weekly “theme” to your daily life for those 7 days, you will see positive results.  Further, by building upon these things week-by-week, hopefully they will become part of your daily life for good.

Think you’re fine and don’t need this new journey on Becoming A Better Belly Dancer And A Better YOU?  All the more reason to join me! 

This series will start next week, and will be featured in the weekly publication, The Belly Dance News Weekly.  That publication is a short email that hits top Belly Dance related news and info of the week.  I suggest that you subscribe to it, and I promise that your information is not shared and you will NOT get spam.  Click here to sign up>>

I look forward to taking this journey with you... and the feedback that we share with each other will be so valuable! 


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