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Be A Belly Dancer, Not Kanye West!!

This week's blog is one in a series about "Becoming a Better Belly Dancer and a Better YOU". To learn more about this series, read our introductory blog.

We all do it, and we have done it since we opened our first "Seventeen Magazine," compared ourselves to someone else, and wished to change to be more like them.

I have written numerous times about the dangers of that topic, but today I turn the tables on you to an equally poisonous behavior that doesn't get enough attention:

Comparing yourself to someone else, as if somehow you are BETTER than they -- releasing your "Inner Kanye".

dilara sultan, kanye west, belly dance, hipmix.netComparing yourself to anyone else - and I do mean anyone - is unhealthy. The effects of a sense of superiority inflates the ego, and causes you to become a dismissive bitch. (ouch?) What is worse, comparing yourself to another does not come from a healthy place within you... and usually will breed and bleed into other areas of your life.

Am I talking about comparing your belly dance technique to that of Rachel Brice or Princess Farhana in order to improve?.... no, not today.

What I am talking about is those times when, for example, you may be licking your wounds from a Belly Dance Cat-Fight. Perhaps a time when you lost an election for 3rd VP of the PTA, or when you were passed over for something that at this very moment in time is very important to you.

We are strong, powerful women in belly dance and when someone's nose gets out of joint... dear lord, hell can break loose. Jealousy, envy, anger and hurt feelings can all fuel actions and reactions that are usually more passionate than they need to be.

Take some time, before you react to the gossip, the face to face confrontation or the latest email message that rubs you the wrong way, and just breathe. When you make yourself feel better by constantly putting down the efforts, the performance or the results of the "enemy" your own work is suffering, and your progress on your own road of belly dance bliss is halted.

Over-thinking and comparisons become a heavy burden when we get caught up in this mindset. If they start to creep in, or you are tied to them now, begin to shift your comparison to a younger version of you. Where were you a year ago? two years ago? 10 years ago? What were you doing differently then than you are now? Can you learn something from your earlier self... is it good?

So, why did I pick on Kanye West in this week's Becoming a Better You and A Better Belly Dancer? Every time he has made comparisons - it's been an utter mess. Each has been fueled by his own ego... comparing Beyonce and Kim K, Taylor Swift and Beyonce, himself to Hitler... and while he has talent, it's not his talent that grabs the headlines.

So who are you today? The person on the ID in your wallet... or the women who talks more smack than Kanye?

Watch yourself this week, and don't dismiss the hard work and effort that you have invested, as well as that of the OTHER person. Enjoy this video from Natasha Benningfield, maybe the lyrics will speak to you.

Hugs & Shimmies,