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When Jealousy Strikes, Pull Out The Super Voodoo Belly Dance Doll Ebad 5/30

Today’s blog combines two things:

1.  The sadly humorous items that people sell under the name “Belly Dance” in order to get more sales


2.  This week’s entry into the Becoming a Better Belly Dancer and A Better You series


The much needed Belly Dancer Voodoo Doll!

belly dancers, belly dace, vododoo,

To be honest, I kinda like this doll... ok, maybe I like it out of fear.  Fear that this blog will anger the manufacturer, and thus the doll’s name will be changed to “The Dilara, Torture At Will”

While I am not a huge consumer of voodoo dolls, I must admit I do have one in the office.  I call him Time Warner. 

belly dance, belly dance vodoo, kayne west, belly dancing,             (We love him because we have to, when is this area getting AT&T?!?)

Now, when I first saw this belly dance item for sale on line, my eyes rolled.  Why, oh why must this be an artistic image for belly dance... but then it hit me:

Let this belly dance voodoo doll be the vessel of our inner Kanye  (Did I lose you?  Read the blog, Be A Belly Dancer, Not Kanye West here>> )

While we are sweet, loving and caring/sharing dancers and artists with hearts full of rainbows, there can (occasionally) be a time when ANOTHER dancer infringes upon our well-being and happiness.  Perhaps ANOTHER dancer brings out some ugly persona that lies deep within us... of course, while we are simply an innocent victim and unknowingly becoming pulled into a cesspool of negativity and comparisons.  In other words, when we revert to our stupid Jr High version of Mean Girls.

I recommend this product, and ask you to attach YOUR name to her chest.