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Because Every Belly Dancer Needs Good Pot - Belly Dance eBad

Yeah, I know --- you clicked because of the headline.  Thank you, and thank you for reading another installment in Dilara’s Diary’s eBad series.  So what’s an eBad?  Those sad and silly attempts that people make in selling items and using “Belly Dance” as a tag or title in order to seem more fabulous, more interesting and more wonderful ----- because we all know that that is exactly what belly dance is.

Now, to this week’s absurdity:

Introducing “The Belly Dancer, Shakin’ All Over with a 70’s vibe mini pot”

Huh? When I first read those words, I thought... hum, maybe it’s one of those dancing flower pots with the flower wearing a mini hip scarf, dancing to a 70’s ish song..... ummmm, that would have been cute I guess.  Way cuter than what the item really is:

belly dance, shopping, belly dancers,

I think what strikes me more... and really pisses me off is this little jewel of a stament about the pot:
belly dance, shopping, belly dancers,
“Sanded edges, and sag to the trim give the appearance of “one” fighting gravity, as “one” does, as “one”ages and attempts to maintain what “one” was as a teen.  teeheehee. Good luck with that”

Bitch say whaaaaaa?  OK, so clearly your poor attempt at hot gluing cheap-ass remnant trip from the hobby store could not be fixed.  What should “one” have done in this situation?  

Perhaps choose the path that our lazy clothing manufacturers do, and add the typical disclaimer that, “Due to the intrinsic artisian nature of this item, slight imperfections should not been seen as imperfect, but rather unique characteristics of this amazing item”

    Perhaps, realize that in your pot-induced moment of superior creative ingenuity, put down the glue gun and walk away... go get something to eat.  Surly you have the munchies now.

I’m going out on a limb here, but if someone were selling a “Belly Dance” item, I do not think that this is a good selling line:

“ok, so maybe the elastic is stretched out a little, and it doesn’t hold up as well as it should.  But hey, you’re a belly dancer.  It’s a lot like you.  You are not young and perky, You’re older.... got a few sagging areas and you’re rough around the edges.  It suits you perfectly!  It’s just like you!”

The moral of this story is this:  If “one” plans on selling belly dance items, “one” should think long and hard about the sales pitch. And if “one” really wants to be successful in reaching “one’s” intended belly dance buying market, “one” should really think about  Yeah, it’s like etsy... and perhaps a little like a shop on eBay ------ but I can promise you this: “One” won’t find crappy Belly Dance pots or other nonsense there.