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The New Tanning Law: One Belly Dancer's Reaction

So, New Jersey has voted in a law that dictates 17-year-olds and younger can't enter a tanning bed (and those under 14 can't get spray tans).


In my neck of the woods, the new law has been getting some interesting feedback. We Texans are famously defensive of our personal rights... specifically regarding guns, but that's a topic for another day.


dilara sultan, tanning, tan, hipmix.netLocals have been arguing that the government is reaching too far into our personal rights. In this case, the law seems to be in response to some bad parenting (though, in my humble opinion, maybe the government could be taking a closer look at parents who dress their daughters up like prostitutes).


I have to love this particular quote: "The American Suntanning Association, however, criticized the new law, saying it would only drive teens to 'riskier alternatives like home units and beaches.'"


First of all, The American Suntanning Association? Because tanning needs an advocacy group?

Second - are they really using the "abortions in back alleys" defense? What teen can afford a home tanning unit, anyways? If we ban underage manicures, will the United States Defense of Properly Painted Nails argue that teens will be driven to the harmful overuse of Sally Hanson products?

Finally, since when are beaches so dangerous, anyways? Are we worried about melanoma here or shark attacks? Unless we're talking about the ASA's belief that teens in New Jersey might be too IQ-deficient to properly set a timer for when to turn over on their beach towels.


It seems to me we shouldn't be regulating WHO uses tanning beds, but rather WHAT is on those tanning beds and HOW they are properly cleaned and maintained. I know fish poop in the dangerous oceans, but do you really want to be baking in someone else's filth on what is often a dirty tanning bed?


I encourage you to read our exclusive about what REALLY happens in tanning salons, and why greater regualation IS needed, only maybe not in the direction New Jersey is taking.


Well, New York recently overturned the law banning large soda's, so maybe what was a trend in government over-regulation is now turning into a trend against over-regulation. But who knows? Maybe New Jersey is looking to re-vamp it's image post-Jersey Shore and the tanning law is step one on it's new branding.


But that's just one belly dancer's opinion. What are your thoughts on the law? Share your comments below.