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A Dilara's Diary Takeover Complete with Video

Good Monday,! HipChristina here, hijacking Dilara's blog out of jealousy while Dilara and Princess Farhana hit up the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul (can you blame me?).


After watching the lastest episode of "Revenge" featuring a hacker-off, I decided to test my OWN hacker skillz by seeing what video gems I could discover on Dilara's computer.


dilara sultan, princess farhana, smiles, istanbul


Here's what I discovered: a short clip of a friendly taxi driver, Dilara's insane Turkish language knowledge, and possibly the start of a beautiful friendship.





If I'm still jealous at lunchtime, there may be a part II for you to watch!


(P.S. If you don't already like Dilara on Facebook, check out her page to see more photos of the dynamic duo in Istanbul)