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Q Can other people access my profile page? I'd really like to use it for my website rather than pay someone to build a site for me. +
Q Here's the deal: I HATE spam, what are you going to do with my information? +
Q How do I change my email address or update other account information? +
Q I make costumes and would love to sell through Hip Mix rather than try to manage my own website, is this a possibility? +
Q So, what are the benefits of having a Preferred Profile? +
Q What's the deal with the e-mail system? +
Q Why do profiles need to be "approved"? Why can't EVERYONE be in Hip Mix?? +
Q I have an idea for Hip Mix, and I think it's pretty cool... but I think maybe you're probably too busy, right? +
Q Why don't you have some of those fun features for our profile pages like MySpace of Facebook (photo slideshows, music players, etc)? +
Q Other sites are totally free, so why do you charge? +
Q What makes Hip Mix the authority on Middle Eastern Dance & Music? +
Q I want to contibute as a writer, what do I do? +