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Belly Dancers Swim! Why You Should Add Some Splash To Your Life

As belly dancers, we know that one of the signs of a true professional is the ability to make a complex and demanding dance routine look effortless. We may be smiling as we glide and shimmy across the stage, but this is all part of the act. In reality, we are sometimes shaking with effort as we maintain our perfect posture throughout an extended choreography.

Shiny body glitter mixes with the sweat pouring down our bodies as we focus on demonstrating our precise muscle control. We contort, flex, and spin to capture the eye of our audience - often balancing or twirling a prop at the same time. It’s no wonder we might have aches and pains as we push our bodies to the limit.

Add Some Splash to Your Workout

Swimming can be a wonderfully cool and relaxing addition to your exercise repertoire. It boosts the performance of your heart and lungs. At the same time, you get to work all your muscles with low impact movements that are easy on your joints.

Improved balance, posture, and endurance are all side effects of a regular swimming regimen that translate perfectly into the world of belly dance. Swimming laps is also ranked by the Mayo Clinic as an activity that burns 511 calories per hour or more. That’s equivalent to high impact aerobics or ice skating, or even an intense belly dance class with Serkan!

Is toning muscle groups like arms and abs that are often left uncovered by costumes a priority for you? The butterfly stroke is one of the best swim strokes for toning your abdominals. The undulating leg and torso portion of that technique is called the dolphin kick. This lower body move can be done while you hold onto a kickboard if you don’t have sufficient coordination to tackle the full butterfly. The freestyle (front crawl) tones triceps and biceps. Finally, the back stroke is an easy move that works both the abs and arms nicely.

Bonus Tip: To keep your skin looking lovely despite exposure to chlorinated pool water, spend 10 minutes in a sauna after each swim session.

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