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Food For Belly Dancers: Nourishing Lentil Soup Recipe

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Lentils have blessed body, mind and spirit for eons, bestowing culinary traditions with heart-healthy enjoyment. Earthy in flavor and texture, while nourishing and satisfying for the tummy, lentil soup is a jiffy meal on its own and easy to prepare, as well.

In India, families thrive on red, yellow, brown and black lentils for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lentils are called, "dal."

What's not to love about lentils for dancers? Check out these amazing food facts: 

  • Lentils are a super food constantly building new muscles by replacing worn-out cells with new ones with its protein-building capacity
  • Heart-friendly, lentils keep dancing, pumping hearts healthy by being cholesterol-free
  • An amazing soluble fiber, tiny lentils play a big part in keeping your gut clean so more energy is available for body moves—and not pumping the digestive tract
  • Rich in antioxidants, lentils keep away cancer, diabetes and other potentially debilitating diseases

    Lentils are endowed with more B vitamins that provide refreshing, positive energy for twirling around the dance floor
  • The crowning achievement of lentils? They're friends to weight loss, weight control and are anti-aging with their taste-satisfying and cell-building attributes!


Recipe & variations

Serves 4-6


This Indian dish nourishes like no other. Enjoy dal with fresh, crusty baguette at breakfast. For lunch, serve with pita bread and salad. A comfort-food dinner is memorable with aromatic basmati rice or rice pilaf, a cucumber-yogurt condiment called raita (tzatziki in Greece) and steamed green beans and broccoli.



  • 1 pound red lentils, cleaned of debris and rinsed
  • 4 cups water
  • 1 tablespoon ghee (clarified butter or olive oil)       
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 4-5 cloves garlic, crushed                                     
  • ½ inch fresh ginger, chopped          
  • 2 1-inch sticks of cinnamon bark                             
  • 1 flat teaspoon sea salt     


  1. Heat oil.
  2. Fry onion till transparent.
  3. Add garlic and lightly brown, then add ginger.
  4. Next, add lentils, water and cinnamon sticks.
  5. Cover and boil on medium heat for 15 minutes, stirring well occasionally.
  6. Salt to taste; lower heat and simmer 15 minutes. Bon appetit!

[Note: Red lentils don’t need soaking—they cook fast 'n easy.]