Food from around the world, perfect for belly dancers.

Drinks For Belly Dancers: Creamy, Fruity Soy Smoothie Recipe

Food Lore

For over 5,000 years, East Asian cultures such as the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans have reaped healthy benefits from the humble soybean. Soymilk and tofu are highly affordable culinary treats; buy organic for better flavor and more wholesome nutrients.

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A dancer's energetic and fit body benefits from organic soymilk and tofu because soy protein has:

  • All 9 essential amino acids your body needs
  • Rich sources of B vitamins, folate, calcium, magnesium and iron
  • Is cholesterol-free and therefore heart-healthy
  • The only vegetable with more protein than carbohydrates
  • Is full of fiber to clean out your gut
  • Is a low-glycemic food without spiking insulin or sugar rushes
  • Is good for those who are lactose-intolerant
  • Promotes weight loss by building lean muscle mass
  • Dishes up dynamic energy—and perfect for dancers!

Start your day with a creamy smoothie made from soymilk and fresh fruit to load up on energy that sustains hunger longer throughout the day; or, as a snack later on.

If you hanker for a hot breakfast "smoothie-broth" on a cold winter morning, bring to boil 2 cups hot water and stir in a teaspoon miso paste. Add small cubes of tofu and simmer 3 minutes. Pour into a bowl and garnish with fresh green onions. Slurp it up as the Japanese do for their daily breakfast smoothie-broth—and a belly-warming start to the day ahead.


Recipe & variations

Makes 2-10 ounce glasses

Nothing works like a blender to whip up smoothies and shakes in less time than you can say, "drink up!" Use organic soymilk and yogurt for a richer, creamier taste.


  • 1 ½ cups soymilk
  • ½ cup soy yogurt, natural or any fruit flavor
  • 2 cups fresh fruit—banana and mango; raspberry and peach; blackberry and grape; any seasonal fruit combo you like.


  1. Blend ingredients.
  2. Pour and serve with a garnish of fresh mint and fruit chunks.