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Food For Belly Dancers: Grapefruit Without The Tangy Taste

Ask and you better believe your team will come to the rescue!

That's just what Aussie member Jacqui Downie did regarding grapefruit.  She noted that our little highlight of the tangy fruit was not quite enough.

"I can't find any info on how to make the blessed fruit edible; to me, it has a most bitter taste, and I look the other way when I pass it in the supermarket," she commented (read more here).  Look no further, Jacqui, because has got some options for you!

Food lore

belly dance, belly dancer, grapefruit, health Grapefruit is a healthy way to kick off our mornings as well as an excellent middle afternoon snack. The benefits that grapefruits can provide us are endless. Grapefruits give us that dose of Vitamin C that we need to help protect our bodies from infections in addition to dietary fiber, which helps to lower our blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.

While grapefruit is the perfect addition to our daily intake to aid in weight loss and because of the extensive health benefits, the tangy, sour taste of a grapefruit may not be everyone. Most people avoid the citrus fruit due to its usual tangy taste despite the numerous health benefits; however, it is possible to suppress the tangy taste, which is good for all of us belly dancers that are trying to get or stay healthy, but don't care for it's sharp bite.

Believe it or not, there are actually a number of ways that you can enjoy a fresh, healthy grapefruit without the need of sprinkles of sugar like our parents and grandparents used to commonly do - but this is still an option, of course. To that end, here are a few of ways that you can try to enjoy grapefruit and decrease, if not diminish, the bitter taste.



1. Turn the Grill On!

Try roasting or grilling grapefruit halves. The grilling or roasting process will help ease some of the tangy tastes that you would normally experience eating a grapefruit and will enhance a touch of sweetness. Before eating, sprinkle a little brown sugar on the top of it - eat it like this or place it under a broiler for a couple of minutes so that the brown sugar turns into a caramel like state. It's an excellent dessert and can even be coupled with some low-fat yogurt or ice cream.

2. Grab the Honey Pot

Cut the grapefruit into halves, then in halves again. Be sure to peel the skin from the grapefruit. After you have it cut as small as you'd like, take some honey and drizzle it over the grapefruit pieces. Not only will this help to diminish the bitter taste of grapefruit but it will also give it a pleasantly sweet taste.

3. Add Some Flair to Your Salad

If you are a salad lover, try cutting up a piece of grapefruit and adding it to your everyday regular salad. Eating it with dressing and other salad pieces, such as romaine lettuce and avocados, can help to decrease the tangy taste. Don't forget to throw in a little chicken or cooked shrimp!