Food from around the world, perfect for belly dancers.

Food For Belly Dancers: Apricots Are The Perfect Snack

Food lore
Have you enjoyed Amaretto liqueur and wondered where it's from? Amaretto is an apricot-flavored aperitif from Italy. However, apricots were probably trucked over by Silk Road traders from China, where it originated eons ago.

Do you love amaretto biscotti? These "dunkin' biscuits" are flavored with apricot oil extracted from kernels.  The Europeans used apricot oil to treat ulcers and tumors. Have you heard, too, dreaming of apricots brings good luck?  Make apricots my favorite fruit!

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  • Apricots have high concentrations of vitamins A (beta-carotene) and C, plus iron.
  • Beta-carotene is an antioxidant that prevents heart disease and inflammation of body tissues; it also keeps hair, skin, eyes and gums healthy and shiny.
  • Belly Dancers need lots of energy; iron helps the body with energy production.


  • Like dried plums (aka prunes), dried apricots make for natural laxatives.
  • Apricots are also regarded as an aphrodisiac—tasty enough to keep on eating, too.
  • Skewer apricot halves with lamb; grill these Greek-style kebabs for an aromatic, intensely flavorful and sweet treat. Serve with tzatziki, a cucumber-yogurt dip popular in Greece and Mediterranean countries (called raita in India).