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Becoming a Belly Dance Teacher - 1. BE RESPONSIBLE!

belly dance teacher, serkan tutarWhen you’re a new teacher, you often bring the excitement of your forte into teaching into your belly dance classes, but with the excitement also comes responsibility. It is up to you to do your homework before you start advertising, but even before that, you should ask yourself if you’re ready to be a teacher.

If the only instruction you’ve had is a six-week belly dance class, you aren’t quite ready to hang out your teacher shingle. To start, you should have a large movement vocabulary and a deep understanding of Middle Eastern rhythms and music. Even an intense six-week class will not give the foundation necessary for professional performing, let alone teaching.

Ideally, you will have studied belly dance for several years, will have performed professionally for some time, and will have been given the seal of approval from your own teacher.

But if there are already several established teachers in your area, does you have something different to bring to the table? If not, the search for students might prove difficult as students may prefer to take classes with the tried and true. You may want to start marketing the possibility of teaching to determine interest. If the area is oversaturated with teachers, you may have more luck looking for opportunities in surrounding areas that might be lacking in the teacher department.

In a perfect world, you should not wake up one day, say I want to teach classes, and start advertising the next day. You should prepare yourself for the homework, the marketing, and the planning first. The teaching part comes later.

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