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Discover Your Inner Voice

Listening to your body and your mind is important in your endeavors. However, the hardest part sometimes is finding your inner voice, allowing it to speak, and listening to it intently. This inner voice may speak to you first by signaling to your physical body, giving you 'gut feelings'. This is a cue to pay attention to your mind. With awareness of your inner voice, you can own any negative or harmful feelings.

bellydancer, hipmix.netNegativity can come from societal ideals of perfection and beauty, or even from within yourself. By recognizing and accepting negativity when it is present, you will be able to control it since it is no longer an ambiguous force lashing down on you. But how do you recognize negativity? By listening to your inner voice—the voice that speaks of pain and passion—, you can recognize and evade negative situations, thereby putting yourself in a place of beauty and positivity.

Belly dance classes, class mates, or simply the art of the dance can be a sanctuary to tap into your inner voice and let it grow to speak loudly and passionately through your body and mind. If listened to, this voice can lead you away from negativity and to a place where acceptance reigns. An appreciation of all beauty, physical and mental, will fill you. When dancing, you then become the embodiment of a goddess, so finding your inner voice is really like finding your inner goddess, your inner beauty.

The ways that you choose to perceive the world become your truth, your reality, your happiness, your beauty. Close your eyes and become aware of the muscles you are using for each movement. Your inner voice is related to this physical awareness; that voice guides each muscle. Belly dance becomes alive when the body and mind unite.

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