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Dangers of Perfectionism in Belly Dance

Setting goals for improvement is healthy; but letting those goals control your time is not healthy. For example, you set a goal to perfect your belly dance choreography by your next performance. However, you set yourself up for failure when you assert and pursue, "I will practice belly dance for 5 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 3 weeks" in order to perfect your performance.

In pursuit of this goal, you then cancel social and family plans to make time to practice. Wanting to control the future so that your performance does not entail failure but instead perfection, is dangerous because the harder you try, the deeper you fall into exhaustion and neglect—neglect of your body and mind, your relationships, and your time.

Perfectionism can also be seen in conjunction with procrastination. This is equally as dangerous as the former type of perfectionism in that it is a set-up for self-sabotage.

An example of this is that you choose to procrastinate practicing the choreography for your belly dance performance, knowing that one or two days of practice is not enough time to make your performance perfect, therefore setting yourself up for failure in order to have an excuse for your imperfections.

If you do not feel prepared to perform and you fear imperfections, this method may be used—consciously or subconsciously—so that a simple, "I only performed badly because I did not have enough time. If I would have had enough time, then my performance would have been perfect" excuse.

Fearing unplanned failures is synonymous with a fear of a loss of control; but if you plan your own failure, then you are in control of the outcome. This is a distorted perception that is harmful to not only your belly dancing, but to your life.

In order to overcome harmful perfectionist ways, a path of moderation is necessary. Practicing too much or procrastinating too much will not allow you to be the best belly dancer you can be (or the best of anything else, for that matter). Setting realistic goals, along with a non-excessive approach to meeting those goals is the way to release delusional notions of perfections and imperfections. Instead of having a controlling grip on time, you must move with it and allow it to comfortably take you into the passion of the unknown.


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