About Belly Dance, What Every Belly Dancer Needs To Know

DIY Belly Dance Performance Video

For belly dance, as with any performance-based career, sample videos are essential to securing gigs. While some experienced belly dancers will use live performance material in their videos, it is better for beginners to use material taken from a private screening at home or in their belly dance studio.


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Your background should hide the fact that you are filming in your living room without distracting from your dance. Neutral colored backdrops are ideal. For especially stunning costumes, consider using a contrasting color. For instance, use a black backdrop for a gold costume. Additionally, make sure the backdrop completely covers the camera's span.



While stage lighting is typically not attainable within the home setting, the room must be well lit. Ideally, shoot your video during the day and in a room with plenty of windows to let in natural light. Always test the angle of your camera and make sure that no particular light is drowning out the shot or taking away from your backdrop.



Your belly dance video may be the only audition a possible client sees, so always wear your best attire. Dress in full performance costume, including any coin belts and headwear. Most belly dancing is preformed barefoot, so shoes are not essential. Choose attire that reflects your particular dancing personality and creativity.


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Wearing full belly dancing jewelry is an essential part of looking your best for the camera. Headbands, scarves, earrings, bracelets and toe and navel rings all add to the costume’s beauty and the authenticity of your performance. Make sure that your jewelry matches your coin belt and the rest of your costume.

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Full stage makeup is a must when filming a belly dance YouTube video performance. Enhance the eyes with eyeshadow and eyeliner, and use plenty of blush and an accenting lipstick. Remember to be theatrical but not gaudy. Make sure your hair is styled and shiny to enhance the overall effect. Painted toenails can also add a nice touch to your overall look, but avoid any artwork on the toes, as it may be distracting.

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Live music provides the best belly dance performance, but if you must use recorded music, be prepared to re-record the music over your video during editing. No matter what the quality of the player in your home, a standard home camera will not pick it up correctly. So, dance to the music during the video, then mute the video and replace the music using a video editing program. You can edit your video in any editing program, including Windows Movie Maker.



Have your props where they are accessible. Ideally, use the same setup you would for a stage performance. This will show potential clients that you are organized, experienced and professional. Avoid placing any props on stage that you do not intend to use in the performance. For an added Oriental flair, consider obtaining a Turkish rug to cover the floor of the staging area.


Your YouTube belly dance video performance shows off your creativity as a dancer and as an artist. Remember that your stage setup is just as important as your dancing ability. Without the proper setup and costuming, you will not appear professional enough to potential clients.