About Belly Dance, What Every Belly Dancer Needs To Know

How to Market Your Belly Dance Business

Whether you are a musician, professional dancer, student, teacher, photographer, costume designer or anyone who is lucky enough to make a living in belly dance, it's important to market your business effectively. One way to reach new customers is to have a profile on HipMix.net.

HipMix.net offers free and preferred, business and individual profiles. In this article, we will discuss free individual profiles.

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Individual profiles are designed for musicians, dancers, teachers, photographers and belly dance fans, as well as any combination of the above. By creating a public, completed profile, you can reach new audiences with a professional appearance.


Why Should Your Profile Be Completed?

By filling in each section, not only does the profile look better to prospective customers, but they are able to get to know you a little better as well. For example, listing places you have traveled to learn belly dance provides not only a little background on who you are, and a subtle way of announcing your teachers and influences.


What Picture Should I Use?

Using a picture that is large, in focus, and representative of your dance style will draw people into reading what is in your profile. An image that is wider than it is tall will appear better on HipMix.net, but there are no set size requirements. Whether you choose to use a picture where you smile in Cabaret costuming, or use a darker image where you appear more Tribal mysterious, the end result should be as close a reflection of you as possible. Remember, this photo is your first impression: be honest, be the best version of you.


How Do I Embed a Video?

The use of a video allows potential clients to see your dance skills, making the transition from prospect into client all the more comfortable. We already have tips on how to make a great-looking video from the comfort of your own home, but now you have to get the video onto your profile. Simply copying and pasting the link into the Embed Video section of your profile won't fully embed the video. To get the video to play seamlessly from your profile, here are the steps:

  1. Go to the page of the YouTube video you wish to embed
  2. Click "Share" underneath the video
  3. Click "Embed" until a short box containing code shows up.
  4. Copy and paste that code into the Embed Video section of your profile
  5. Go to your profile to test whether or not the sizing of the video needs to be adjusted


Where Will People Find Me?

Profiles on HipMix.net show up in a variety of places. One of the most visited sections of our site is the Find & Discover section where people search for teachers, studios, photographers and more. Our search relies on exact name searches of the town you live in, which in larger metropolitan cities can get tricky. The best method is to list the most accurate location under 'City', and then list other surrounding suburbs and cities in your 'About Me' section so that people searching for areas close to you will also find your profile.


If you have any more questions regarding profiles on HipMix.net, please e-mail us at memberships@HipMix.net.