About Belly Dance, What Every Belly Dancer Needs To Know

DIY Photography for Belly Dance Shops

When you have a talent for making belly dance clothing or props, your products are worth showcasing. While you could go shopping for a professional photographer and pay upwards of $300 an hour for studio time, it is not necessary. In fact, with a decent camera and a little creativity, you can make studio quality product pictures that draw customers and retailers alike.



You do not need a $500 camera to shoot excellent pictures, but you should also avoid using your cell phone's digital camera. If you are serious about marketing your products, you need to go shopping for a shutter camera. Shutter cameras are not expensive and shopping for one at a wholesale store makes the item even cheaper. Best of all, this kind of camera will make shooting your projects much easier because the images are crystal clear.



If you like costume making, but do not belly dance yourself, find someone who does to model your clothing. Often, you can persuade beginning belly dancers to pose for your photography for the simple agreement of giving them a copy of the pictures for their portfolio. If you are showcasing coin belts, use the quick shot feature on the camera to capture the coins and dancer mid-movement. Remember to find a model that makes your costumes look good and tailor as necessary for the perfect fit.


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