Dilara travels a lot!  Each time she prepares for another trip, there are a few things she investigates for her itinerary:

1.  Where can I see some quality belly dancing?
2.  Is there a bellydance workshop/school/teacher that I can visit for a lesson?
3.  Where do I want to eat...and hopefully catch some great music or
     a cool vibe?
4.  What's the shopping scene?

Well, you get the idea. Dilara - like many of us - is hooked!  "Trying to find these answers to these questions can be difficult," Dilara said.  "Whether I'm in Texas, Toronto or Turkey,  I can't always find the answers that I need very easily.  Some sites are cool,  and some not-so-good.  But none of them really put it all together, so I kept looking for a place on the web where ANYONE could find exactly what they want." 

Needless to say, Dilara decided to quit looking and start developing...and more than 2 years of planning and developing, HipMix.net was born!

Dilara also wanted to make Hip Mix a place of sharing, learning,  and more.  "I have been to a lot of places, met some wonderful people and have many more travels ahead of me. So why not bring Hip Mix with me?" she thought. 

Not all of us can travel to different places around the globe... but thanks to Hip Mix,  we will! 

"There is something that I have found witin this wonderful subculture of bellydance. Whether I go to a workshop in the USA, or meet up with performers in another country,  we are all connected.  We are not really strangers - just friends who haven't met yet.  That's one of the things that makes us all so cool.  It's in our nature: we are passionate, we are open minded, and we encourage each other.  It's a good thing and a good feeling... and I want to share it!"