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Hot Spots: Rolling into the Mud in Calistoga, California

Calistoga, California.... quaint town, fun shopping, close to wineries and one great place for playing in the mud.

Here’s what makes Calistoga a great place to visit and why we find to be a Hot Spot:

With one of 3 “Old Faithful” geysers located only 20 miles away, it’s no surprise that there is a wealth of healing waters springing up in this town... add to that the purported healing properties of ancient volcanic ash and you have a dirty, fun experience.

mub bath, beauty, HipMix.netDr. Wilkinson’s Hot Springs Resort in Calistoga was a recent stop by’s Dilara Sultan, and she experienced first-hand the accommodations as well as “The Works” from their 50+ year old spa facilities. 

Why Dr. W’s??  How can you not be attracted to this funky sign from 1952?  Yes, it’s updated... comfortable and fun.

What To DO?  Stay the night and enjoy “The Works,” in their spa. 

Translation: "The Works" is just about everything the facility can offer. First is the mud bath, a hot and soothing "float" in volcanic ash and peat moss followed by a soak in a bubbling mineral bath, and a quiet time in the steam room. The next treat is a being cocooned in soft cotton blankets, guaranteed to let you drift into a quick nap.


A massage completes "The Works", leaving you completely relaxed.

How Does this place rank?  Five-star spa facilities this is not... but come on, relax a little.  If you’re not too shy and are comfortable in your skin, I highly recommend this place.  I know luxury, and I know high-dollar spa environments... and i also like a little off the beaten path fun and good value --- and this is it!

If you are a spa-snob a cannot fathom ceramic tile rather than Italian travertine touching your toes, then honey - there are plenty more high $ spots that will suit you fine.   For under $200 to spend 2.5 hours in treatments - I was more than satisfied and happy to have the extra cash for shopping!!!