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After Near-Death Experience, Young Woman Redefines Her Life Through Belly Dance

Placed in a coma to save her life while doctors struggled to discover what was killing this 27-year-old Australian woman, Nicole's life-saving diagnosis came within hours of plans to take her off life support. What sounds like LifeTime Movie was this belly dancer's real life experience.

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Tanning Salons: A Shocking Look Behind The Scenes

Thinking of tanning?  Lots of belly dancers do.  We have all heard how bad it can be from health professionals... but Belly Dancer Dilara Sultan got the REAL story, from someone in the tanning salon industry.

What she learned out will freak you out! click here>>

A quote from Ellen from the article: "From Divorce To A New Life With Belly Dance."  One of the most common themes surrounding belly dance is fate. Something intangible draws us close to this dance, and once it takes a hold, there is no letting go... read the full story here>>