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Belly Dancers and Musicians Share Their Sources Of Inspiration

How would you answer this question:

"Other than your teacher, who is your source of inspiration in your oriental dance and music journey?" 


Pennsylvania belly dancer Terryll Rex said, “My husband? Hah! He tells me to knock it off and go away I'm distracting! I don't know really, other than my teacher? Probably the other ladies in my troupe (Raqs Devadasi). My mother is 3,000 miles away and while she is behind me it's difficult from that distance.”


Dimphij Kuijpers a belly dancer from the Netherlands, had this to say:
“My sweet little children who will join me when I am practising :) my daugther of 7 will dance with me and try the zills and my son 10 will start breakdancing and play his drumkit”

Drummer Todd Deatherage from Texas had some inspiring words to share: “Don't get any discouragement. If I relied on others, I'd still be disappointed. I just put my drum in my lap, and trust I'll get better. It's nice though when a fellow musician comes up to me after a session and says, 'You rocked that s#!t, man,' which happened the other day."

Lynn K. Fletcher from Maryland responded, "The ladies in my troupe of course. And often from music."

Texas based dancer Zhanna Wilson Holmes shared "Myself! I'm doing this totally for ME and I'm my own inspiration"


So for the rest of you, share with us! Who is your source of inspiration?