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Can Self-Taught Belly Dancers Be Professional?

When living in remote regions, it can be difficult to pursue the art of belly dance. But thanks to online resources, learning belly dance in the comfort of your home is becoming easier and easier.


But is watching YouTube videos enough to bring a belly dancer to a professional level?


For one Indian belly dancer, the answer seems to be, "Yes!"


A self-taught belly dancer, Shiraz Irani, has become a finalist on "India's Got Talent." According to her YouTube page, she began belly dancing in 2006 when there were no local teachers for her to learn from. Using online resources, she taught herself how to dance, and it appears to have paid off.


The exact resources Shiraz used to learn belly dance are unnamed, but a few news stories about her stint on "India's Got Talent" imply her learning came from YouTube videos.


The idea of a self-taught professional got us thinking - is it ok to declare yourself a professional if you haven't had formal training?


Here is a video of Shiraz performing a tribal fusion piece.

Certainly, she is a talented dancer: enough to warrant a spot on a competitive show, and to win her many fans in her country and beyond. Her curvy figure, effervescent smile and dance chops are enough to wow audiences, but can she declare herself a professional?


You tell US: