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Why should you create a basic profile?

Your profile can function as its own website, providing a more professional appearance without the associated cost.

With a basic profile you can: 

  • Comment on articles, stories, photos
  • Post stories and ask advice
  • Get found by potential customer across the world
  • List your photos in the Photo Gallery


Why Upgrade to Preferred?

With for a 6 month ($45) or full year ($65) subscription, gain access to powerful promotional tools to expand your business reach.

  • Additional visibility throughout site
  • Create and update event listings to gain additional exposure
  • Post multiple photos to give a more comprehensive view of who you are
  • Featured shop (if also shopkeeper)


How can your business benefit?

Business profiles come in standard and preferred instances, with unique business features that include:

  • Highlighted address
  • Easy to find email and contact information
  • Prominent photo on page

HipMix.net at Women's Livewell Conference

HipMix.net will be at Essence Festival 2011

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