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Finding Your Inner Belly Dance Goddess Part I: The Power of Self-Assessment

Every woman is a goddess, though many fail to connect fully with the strength, confidence and femininity inherent in the goddess aspect at their core. Are you among them? Think about a perfect day from your past; a day when you felt beautiful, confident and connected to the miraculous world around you. Weren't those feelings wonderful? For that one perfect day, you became your inner goddess, shining her light on all in your path. You can feel that that way every day when you find and connect with your inner goddess on a more permanent basis.

The first step is to get to know you more fully. This process, known as self-assessment, involves taking stock of your likes, dislikes, dreams and regrets. When assessing yourself, it can be helpful to jot your thoughts down in a journal. While you may find immediate answers spring to mind for many of your self-assessment questions, your subconscious will continue to ponder. This can yield answers of greater insight down the line.

Ask yourself the following questions, and note the answers in your journal. These are just to get you started. You may come up with your own questions as you ruminate upon these.

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- What are my three greatest strengths?
- What are my three biggest weaknesses?
- What makes me feel beautiful?
- What makes me feel powerful?
- What activities make me the happiest?
- What activities do I most dislike?
- What one thing would I most like to change about myself?
- What are the accomplishments of which I am the most proud?
- What is my biggest regret?
- If I could make one dream come true, what would it be?
- Have I lived a life of inspiration?
- Who has most inspired me?

Doesn't this feel empowering? Introspection can be an effective tool for finding your inner goddess. The questions about activities you do not like and your biggest regret can be quite revealing and help you create a meaningful path. For example, a dislike of something may indicate a fear –perhaps a fear of leaving your comfort zone. Conquering that fear, whether it be your first belly dance performance, skydiving or just organizing your closet, would be a significant step towards a permanent connection with your inner goddess.


Now, are you ready for part II? Let's discover your beautiful self.

Or, skip ahead to part III if you know where your beauty lies and want to display it.