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Finding Your Inner Belly Dance Goddess Part II: The Garden of Inner Beauty

Now that you've read Part I: The Power of Self-Assessment, let's discuss what makes you feel beautiful. As you may recall, this was one of the questions you were to ask yourself as part of your inner goddess self-assessment. How did you answer?, inner goddess, belly dancer, belly danceFor some, beauty is felt in the admiring glances of the opposite sex, or the surreptitious jealousy of other women. For others, beauty is felt in giving body and soul over to the belly dance, or completing a challenging workout. For still others, beauty is felt in a trip to the salon, a day at the spa or a shopping spree.

We all want to feel beautiful. We may spend hours exercising to tone our bodies, artfully applying makeup, styling our hair and dressing to impress. Many a 'bad' day has been turned around by a sincere complement from a significant other, a friend or even a stranger. Taking pride in your natural external beauty is indeed part of connecting with your inner goddess –but not the part we’ll be discussing today.


Today we focus on inner beauty; the beauty beneath the surface, within our minds, our hearts and our souls. Our goddess resides within this garden of inner beauty. To connect with her, we must cultivate it, nurture and revel in it. How do you do this? You've already found the answer within your responses to several of the self-assessment questions.


Our inner beauty is at its most radiant when we are experiencing joy, confidence and contentment. To cultivate inner beauty, we must devote time to engaging in the activities that yield these experiences. What activities do you most enjoy? Do them –whether that means belly dancing, baking, painting, playing with your kids, weeding your garden, or reading a good book! If you could make one dream come true, what would it be? Start taking steps to make it happen, whether that means performing on stage, going back to school or starting a family!


Feeling beautiful on the inside is a direct result of connecting to your inner goddess. Inner beauty enhances outer beauty, empowers your spirit and helps you create positive change in your life.


Now that you know you're beautiful, let's show the world in part III.